Monday, December 31, 2012


What a wonderful wintery day for a sled ride

We went to visit our chickens.

Parked while Papa fed and watered our fine feathered friends.

We have two new chickens, by the way. Our dear friends and neighbors, Emmy and her mommy Lindsey, moved with their soldier man to Fort Polk, LA and left their two chickens in our care. They are the only white ones in our flock and easy to spot. I took this pic because it was the first time I had seen one of them by itself as they usually stick together. They seem to be fitting in quite well.

Yummy snow!

Little Sister Squirrely chilled out in the ergo with Mama. 

Run, Papa! Run!

Squirrely's turn.

And that turned into them riding together <3


Snow much fun!

The drag home.

I love my life! 

Time to head in for hot cocoa!

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  1. Hannah, this looks like so much fun! I'd love to have space to have chickens and I know my little girl will love the snow someday when we take her up north for wintertime. I'm visiting from the Monday Mom's Mingle. Hope you have a lovely New Year!

  2. Hi There and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm Hanna, I found you on Mom's Monday Mingle and I am your newest follower! SO nice to meet you:) You can find me anytime at

    xoxoxo Hanna

  3. Looks like soooo much fun!!!! Visiting you from the Happy Family Times Tuesday link!

  4. So jealous!!! We just got rain and wind.

  5. Just rain and floods for us, I do hope we get our little sledge out this year too. Looks like you are all having so much fun! Don't forget to link with me on Country Kids too. Now doing a little snow dance!

  6. That looks like so much fun, I am so ready to get our little red sledge out. I do hope we have the chance this year. thank you for sharing your photos on Country Kids, you make everything look so enviable!

  7. Looks like you are having a fabulous time in the snow! Thanks for linking to the Outdoor Play Party.