Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wonderfull (Full of Wonder) Wednesday

Looking for the wonder in everyday life! 
I'd love for you to join me on this journey. 
If you find wonder along the way, please leave a link in the comments,
so others can share in your wonder

It is a wonderfull thing to have a Birthday Buddy.  All my life my siblings had "birthday buddies".. other family members that shared their birthday month.  They had shared birthday parties and kinda took pride in sharing birthday months.  I had no such person.  So year, after year, I was kinda bummed about that.


God sent me a very special birthday buddy of my very own...
born on the same day (though different year) as me!

The Hubs is my very own birthday buddy and has been for... eight years now!!!

And the baby sister celebrated her 1/2 Birthday the same day!!


  1. Such a lovely family! I love the matching outfits on the girls. My grandmother was my birthday buddy. Her's was two days after mine. The first birthday without her was awful.

  2. Is it today? Happy Birthday to both of you!

  3. That's so sweet. So happy you've found each other!

  4. That is so neat! Happy birthday to you!

  5. Happy birthday! Zia's 5 1/2 birthday was the 10th, too!