Monday, April 29, 2013

These Girls

These girls...

When I was first pregnant with Squirrely, I thought for sure she would be a boy.
I had it in my head and all planned out.
We had our ultrasound at 17 weeks, and SURPRISE! It's a GIRL!

To be honest, it took me a minute to wrap my head around it.
I wasn't upset, just in total shock.
It wasn't until the drive home that I all of a sudden realized what having two little girls would mean.

"The Adventures of Bunny and Squirrel!", I shouted.
Papa looked at me like I was crazy.
But then it clicked for him too.

Every day is a new adventure with these two.
I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
Something enchanted, I am sure.

I am so blessed by these girls.


  1. What cuties!It sound like a wonderful blessing.

  2. I was quite the opposite we wanted two girls (yes, we did). The first one was great, at the second one's ultrasound I almost jumped off the table with excitement that we had our second girl-child. After the first girl, I just thought I'd be totally lost if I had a boy the second time around. Now though...I'm looking at my husband saying, "we need to have a boy" I do want one so badly sometimes. Just one more child...:)

  3. I felt the same way! I thought for sure the second was a boy (except we found out in the delivery room... I even asked if they were sure she was indeed a girl... LOL).

    I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love having two girls!

    Your girls are lovely!

    Wishing you an amazing day!

  4. My husband - like most men - kind of wanted a boy, but was happy either way. He totally fell in love with our first daughter, so when the second came along he admitted he wanted another girl because they are so much fun. And they are BOTH daddy's girls! Stopping in from the Tuesday Baby Link Up

  5. Oh, I thought Zia would be a boy, and Cash a girl. I didn't find out with either until birth, so big surprise both times! So much for woman's intuition, right?

  6. So beautiful! What Joyful Moments!

  7. Aaww, they're so beautiful. I love having my two boys and they are the best of friends :)

  8. With three boys already and pregnant with triplets, I was told to expect another three boys but to our delight one was a girl! Your girls look little angels who have lots of fun together, thanks for linking up your lovely pictures.

  9. I always knew The Boy was going to be a boy, just felt it in 'my waters' and even though we didn't have a gender scan, it wasn't such a surprise when they delivered him.

    Popping over from The parenting party

  10. What a lovely, positive post and the pictures are just gorgeous! I have 2 girls and like you, I was surprised by both of them - convinced I was having a boy (he came third!). Mine are close in age too and although they fight like cat and dog, they also have lots of fun together :)

  11. Aw, thats such a lovely post. I'm so glad you are cherishing having two girls. I always thought I wanted a girl but finding out at my ultrasound I was having a boy was just as awesome.
    I'm sharing your post on the Sunday Parenting Party Pinterest board

  12. They are beautiful. I have 4 boys here.

  13. Beautiful girls! You're a lucky mama :-)

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

  14. Such precious pictures - you should get one of those blown up on a canvas - so pretty!

  15. They're adorable!

    Thanks so much for sharing at The Friday Baby Shower Alice x