Monday, February 3, 2014

One Warm Winter Day

It is cold out today. It has been a particularly cold and snowy winter over all. But last week we had one warm day in the midst of it all. So Papa listened for a napping Squirrely, and Bunny and I went out for a walk.

She insisted on taking her umbrella, even though it wasn't rainy.
We did make some use of it by standing under the dripping gutter.

We also used it to draw in the snow. 

"Mama my shadow looks like a jellyfish!"

And so it did!

She eventually ditched the umbrella to play with other things.

We inspected some stump rot...

Talked about water erosion...

And identified several different types of tracks.
It was quite a good wintery walk.
Then we went inside and made some hot cocoa...
Cause what else do you do when coming in from the snowy outdoors?

The next day it was back to freezing temps and snowflakes.
But we did have that one warm day.

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