Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Lil' Bit Of Baking

We somehow always manage to forget to take a picture of something until it is halfway gone.
Never the less, I think you can see how delish this crustless cheesecake looks.
It tastes even better!

My need for creativity has been drastically ignored lately. Without going into detail, the past months have been insane. Moving in with Mama was the least of the big changes. AND there are still a ridiculous of boxes stacked in the garage waiting to be unpacked. More stuff than I am sure was ever in my home. So my creative side is now rebelling and forcing me to bake.

I somehow love to bake, but I am not much a fan of coking. It works out well living with Mama who is a fan-freakin-tastic cook, but doesn't care a whole lot for baking. So I have been trying out some healthy (in relative terms) desserts for the family. I made one cheese cake with blueberry topping, but it turns out Dad doesn't like blueberries... I fear for his sanity as blueberries are in my top 10 fav foods ever. Oh well, more for me... So I was forced to make another topped with mixed berries instead.

I used THIS RECIPE, but subbed stevia for sugar, and made my own (actually mom's idea) half berry, half all fruit jam, topping.

Yum, oh yum!

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