Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bunny's Birthday Bash

Bunny wanted a mermaid party for her birthday this year.
We had lots of fun decorating.


Jelly fish.

We all about the beach and ocean things anyway, so that made it easy.

Party craft station.
beads (in glass jar) and pipe cleaners to make Mermaid bracelets
Mermaid tattoos
Mermaid (and Pirate for the boy cousin)  stickers
Mermaids to color

There were also crowns and magic wands
and a pirate patch to take home!

And of course, food.

Since this party was around dinner time we figured we better have a good bit.

Chocolate cake with starfish sprinkles.
The same cake recipe from her weaning party in December.

Sea snakes and snails?

The crafts were a huge hit!

That is FOUR candles, y'all!
She is growing up so fast!

Out with one blow.


So I like a lot of icing on my cakes...
Don't judge me.

She got great presents. Not one thing she didn't like.
I didn't have to secretly despise any gift givers either.

Mama and I (Pap and Papa too) both got her a set of Playmobile. 
Playmobile is my exception to not liking plastic toys.
The vast majority of my childhood days were filled with playing Playmobile with my big brother.
Some memories, you just have to pass on.

The party wasn't even over yet when the Playmobile was in use.
I think it is a hit.

I know a lot of people are sad about their children getting older, and I was too... For about five seconds... The thing is, Bunny being 4 doesn't change a whole lot. She still sleeps in our bed with us, she is still a mama's girl, she is still rough and tumble and I have to pull her off he older cousin and friends quite often lol... However, her getting older does open up doors to new things. She is becoming more responsible, more adventurous, more creative and curious.
And that is pretty exciting!


  1. Awwww, what an awesome party. It looks like you planned a great event.

    Wonderful pictures too!

    Happy Belated Birthday Bunny!

  2. What a beautiful birthday party. Looks like so much fun---happy birthday, Bunny! I can't believe how she has grown up in the time I've been visiting your blog!